Welcome to Youngstown Area Community Concert Band

Our Conductor

A brief Bio

For almost 30 years, Joseph  Pellegrini has been the conductor of YACCB.  Our members know that Joe is a quiet guy – very easy going, and very private.   At times he shares a little about his family, but mostly not.  So here is some information about him that we are sending out with his permission.

Joe was born in Butler, Pennsylvania, on November 30, 1950 and he is an only child with a stepbrother Jeff.  He started to play the saxophone at age 10.  He was a proud member of the Butler HighSchool Band, along with their jazz ensemble.  He also participated in the high school’s Broadway shows as a member of the pit orchestra. 

After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S Army, attended the Naval School
of Music and was a member of the 327th Army band, Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland.  He served as the marching band’s drum major for one and a half years.  

Joe enrolled at the Dana School of Music, Youngstown State University  after completing his military service.  He was a 4-year member of both  the wind ensemble and the jazz ensemble.  He served as the first  president of the YSU jazz ensemble during his senior year. 

After  YSU, Joe took the job as music teacher/band director in Austintown,  Ohio.  During his 34 years he taught K-5 elementary, 5th grade band,  high school bands, jazz ensemble and music appreciation.  He retired in  2009 and was asked by a close friend to be his marching band assistant  at Champion High School, Warren, Ohio.  He served in that position until  2012.  He works part-time at Music and Arts Store in Canfield, Ohio and  continues to teach the saxophone.  When he is not working, Joe enjoys photography, skiing, and cooking.  

Joe married his wife Peggy in 1983.  Their son Michael lives in Chicago and Joe’s daughter Jill lives in Minneapolis.

Joe  started conducting YACCB in September 1990 and wants to continue as  their conductor for many years to come. His desire is to help this band  become bigger and better.  One of his projects is to have the band  perform a “concert series” in one or more of the many outstanding  concert halls in the city of Youngstown. 

Recently the band has teamed  up with a community choir, the Stambaugh Chorus, to perform an annual  Christmas concert to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank.  The concert  is held at one of America’s finest concert halls, Stambaugh Auditorium.

Joe’s message: “I want all members, past, present and future, to know how proud I am to stand in front of the YACCB and make music together”.   Thanks, Joe.  We hope to keep you proud of us and we appreciate your  leadership to help us play quality entertaining music for our audiences.