Welcome to Youngstown Area Community Concert Band

Welcome to Youngstown Area Community Concert Band

Welcome to Youngstown Area Community Concert BandWelcome to Youngstown Area Community Concert BandWelcome to Youngstown Area Community Concert Band

Learn about us

A brief history & who we are


Youngstown Area Community Concert Band, referred to as YACCB, was founded in 1983 and began performing in 1984.  We are an open community  band of 50-plus members who enjoy sharing our love of music.  We are a  diverse group.  Our band ranges in age from high school students to  senior-senior citizens.  We have both professional musicians and   recreational musicians, and we have a variety of occupations represented.  We drive in from many counties in eastern Ohio and western  Pennsylvania.  In all of this diversity, we share a common love of band  music.  It bonds us.  We have fun, and we take our music seriously.  We  take pride in belonging to YACCB and endeavor to be one of the finest  community band programs in northeast Ohio.

Our Schedule

Austintown Middle School

YACCB meets year around with breaks between our summer and winter seasons.  

We rehearse Thursday evenings at 7-9pm at the 

Austintown Middle School

800 South Raccoon Road

Youngstown, OH

Interruptions to this schedule include breaks, holidays, bad weather conditions, etc. and are posted on the Members page. Notices of changes are also sent to our members via email.

We play at various venues and the upcoming concert schedule is posted on the Home page and the Calendar.

Our Conductor


Since 1990, Joseph "Joe" Pellegrini has been conducting YACCB.  That’s a lot of people and a lot of music performed under his direction.  YACCB members know that Joe is a quiet guy, easy-going with a dry sense of humor, and very private.  At times he shares a little about his family, but mostly not.  

Joe’s message: “I want all members, past, present and future, to know how proud I am to stand in front of the YACCB and make music together”.   Thanks, Joe.  We hope to keep you proud of us and we appreciate your  leadership to help us play quality entertaining music for our audiences.

Our Music

2019 Summer Word Cloud

YACCB genre includes folk tunes, movie and show tunes, patriotic, pop, light music, popular tunes, and concert marches.

The word clouds contain the music we have played over the last few years - the names have been shortened.

Our Venues

Boardman Park Venue

YACCB is blessed with dedicated, talented players who perform 14-18 concerts every year.  We are very appreciative of our fantastic audiences throughout eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania who constantly inspire and encourage us.

We play at parks, festivals, senior living facilities, churches, and concert series.

care to join us?

Join us

We have openings in all sections of our band.  While we do not require  auditions, we do ask that you have an interest in music and  that you will continue to improve your playing skills.  We expect you to be in attendance at all rehearsals, performances, and engagements to the best of your ability. Click below to read more....