Welcome to Youngstown Area Community Concert Band

How to Join YACCB

We have openings in all sections of our band.   While we do not require auditions, we do ask that you have an interest in music and that you will continue to improve your playing skills.  We expect you to be in attendance at all rehearsals, performances, and engagements to the best of your ability.

We do not charge dues or annual membership fees.  We require that you purchase a band shirt to be worn at most performances.  Dress codes may change for formal concerts  and will be announced.

The steps toward membership are:

1.   Contact us to let us know of your interest, then show up at rehearsal  any Thursday evening at 7:00 at Austintown Middle School on Raccoon Road.  We will introduce you to our conductor and your section leader.  Reminder to check the website home page to make sure rehearsals are in session.

2.   As a visitor, we ask that you evaluate your capability to play our music selections as well as determine if our band is a good fit for you.

3.   After attending 2-3 rehearsals as a visitor, your section leader and/or part leader are required to recommend your membership into YACCB.  If  both you and the leaders approve, you will be given a membership packet to complete your application to join.

4.  Your completed application will be given to our executive board to approve of your membership and enter you on our roster.  

We realize that community bands come in all different flavors, and we want you to enjoy being a part of YACCB.